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We offer a complete and confidential payroll service that is tailored to suit your requirements. This includes the calculation of income tax, national insurance and net pay for all of your employees, together with all the monthly paperwork and end of year returns including form P11Ds.

You can be assured that our cost effective payroll services will be reliable for everything from income tax calculation to end of year P11D form returns.


We understand that each business is different and has unique requirements. To obtain a specific quotation or to find out more about our payroll services, please contact us in Guildford.

1 to 5 employees: up to £30

6 to 15 employees: up to £45

16 to 30 employees: up to £60

Fees for medium to large businesses

31 to 50 employees: up to £75

Over 50 employees: negotiable

Payroll Services

Ensuring your specific requirements come first

Monthly fees for small businesses

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