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We will prepare your company's corporation tax computation on your behalf, returning form CT600 together with all correspondence to the Inland Revenue. We will ensure you meet all the necessary filing and payment deadlines. You can discuss any tax planning opportunities with us, such as whether you should pay salaries or dividends.

This arises whenever you sell a significant asset. The tax impact can be different depending on the timing of the sale and the manner of the purchase. We can advise you on the long term planning to significantly reduce the impact of capital gains. Get in touch with us to find out more.

We will prepare your individual self-assessment tax return, as well as dealing with the Inland Revenue on your behalf. You can rely on us to calculate your tax liability and advise you of the due dates for payment.

Allow us to take care of inheritance tax

Inheritance tax is often referred to as the 'avoidable tax'. With careful planning and advice from us at CMB Partnership Limited, you can make sure that is.

Value added tax is one of the most complex taxes and requires careful planning to ensure that you do not under or overpay. We have extensive experience in offering advice on matters including registration, record keeping, international services and property.

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